For Businesses

We offer consultation, facilities evaluation, and training services customized to your industry.

Architecture & Building

As an inclusion consultant, we take your firm beyond the ADA minimums in design to incorporate the human experience throughout the design process.  We train your team to have the best understanding of impairment and how that applies to the design process in order to strengthen your message during project bid and interviews. We offer consultation in all project planning and design phases to ensure the most functionally accessible facility.

R&D Training and Consultation

Provide training on understanding impairment and the Principles of Universal Design (UD) to best enable you to understand the way your product will be used and  integrate the Principles of UD into your design process.  Inclusion consultation services for product design review to troubleshoot potential challenges various users may experience and enhance the inclusive design options.

HR & Management Professionals

A company’s employees are the face of the company.  They are the company’s daily PR. They are one of the biggest influencing factors that can make a loyal customer or lose a customer.

We offer a unique expertise to assist your teams in finding creative and effective accommodation options that help you expand your employee pool, as well as retain your most valued asset – your employees!

Businesses have a great opportunity to expand their business and contribute to the accessibility and inclusive opportunities in our community by ensuring:

  • That their staff are provided the tools to best and most confidently serve any customer that comes through the door.
  • That their Executive and management teams are best equipped to support a more diverse employee pool.
  • That their policies, practices and general operations are designed and implemented to be as accessible as possible for clients and employees.

It is important that businesses design and implement their policies, practices, operations, trainings and services to have as few barriers as possible, and the knowledge on how to make accommodations to increase accessibility when needed.

Program and Workshop Development

Design and implementation of impactful, accessible and inclusive programs and workshops to expand opportunities for your clients and the greater community.

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