We provide Assistive Technology (AT), Rehab Engineering and Universal Design consultation services to help individuals reach their goals and help businesses and schools increase their ability to create inclusive spaces, services, products and practices.

Our business focused training services will set you apart in the marketplace and with your customer base, existing and future. The applied training will enhance your business model, and help reap long term economic benefits.

We work with children and adults with disabilities, as well as the varied organizations that serve them. We work in collaboration with area businesses, professionals, and partner organizations to ensure accessible opportunities for our Community.

Through providing AT solutions and systems we are helping clients of all ages and in all types of environments gain unrestricted access to educational, vocational, recreational, home, and community activities.

Assistology is a City of Omaha Certified Tier II SEB. Search here to see our certified categories.

With more than 26% of the US adult population identifying with a disability, we believe that there is no diversity without disability! Meaghan shares this as part of a Disrupt HR event in October 2022. 

For more detailed examples of the scope of the ways Assistology, LLC is working to impact those we serve, please watch the following interview:

Vision Statement

To change the way people access their world, resulting in more inclusive communities.

Mission Statement

We recognize unique challenges faced by people in our community. 

Through innovation and community partnerships, we develop and provide impactful Assistive Technology and Rehab Engineering Services that improve quality of life and develop environments without barriers. How better to open doors for individuals and businesses to have unrestricted access to educational, recreational, vocational, home, and community activities.

Core Values

  • Outside-the-box innovation
  • Quality of services and products
  • Thought Leaders
  • Customer Focused
  • Community Centered

Assistology is dedicated to:

  • Always providing products and services that improve quality of life.
  • Removing barriers allowing individuals to have unrestricted access to educational, recreational, vocational, home, and community activities.
  • Advancing access to assistive technology through engagement in meaningful
    collaborations and strategic partnerships.
  • Advancing our vision of being a thought leader in the areas of AT services and new product development.