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We recognize that increasing Disability Inclusion in the workplace often starts with education and raining awareness.

We offer training that supports and guides businesses proactively seeking opportunities to advance Disability Inclusion in the physical environment, employment and operations.

Disability Awareness for a Culture of Inclusion

A company’s employees are the face of the company. They are the company’s daily PR. They are one of the biggest influencing factors that can make a loyal customer or lose a customer. We offer a unique expertise to assist your teams in offering more inclusive customer service and finding creative and effective accommodation options that help you expand your employee pool, as well as retain your most valued asset – your employees!

Why Disability as Part of DEI: No Diversity without Disability

The Disability Community is the largest minority group in the country.  It is also the only minority group that any of us can become a member of at any time. 

Disability is a necessary component of a business’ DEI strategy in order to have a truly inclusive workplace, as well as ensure your product and services are inclusive to all your consumers and partners. 

This training explores why disability inclusion is good for business, and also just good business.  We will consider market studies, published research and examples of real business outcomes from increased disability inclusion efforts. This conversation will help build on your confidence to advocate for positive changes to policy, practices, products and environments that increase accessibility and inclusion for your workforce and clients.

Designing for Inclusion

To create environments and programs that are truly accessible for use by any and all, they must be designed using a lens that emphasizes the human experience (empathy) rather than limiting design decisions to the minimums regulated in ADA codes. This requires an understanding of the range of Disability categories, many of which are not addressed within ADA accessibility codes, as well as design principles that further inclusion in built environments and the programs or services provided within.

This training addresses true accessibility and inclusion in built environments by providing a comprehensive picture of disability categories, how decision making about the built environment can enhance or diminish the human experience and the responsibility of the design team to avoid design exclusion by integrating Universal Design and Inclusive Design Principles throughout their processes.  

Additional resources available: Disability Inclusion Rubric and Inclusion Policy Guide

Accessibility Through Inclusion

Obtaining true accessibility of services and environments requires daily operation from a place of inclusion. This requires understanding of disability, impairment, biases, language, design exclusion and the level to which we can effect change throughout our organizations.  

This training aims to improve understanding of disability and addresses the ways in which organizations can ensure accessibility of products, environments and services through implementation of organizational structures and supports grounded in inclusion and development of a culture of inclusion at all levels of operations.

Additional resources available: Disability Inclusion Rubric and Inclusion Policy Guide

Universal Design in Product Design

Training to R&D employees on the topic of Understanding Impairment and the Principles of Universal Design as it applies to product development.

Understanding and Supporting Our Sensory Systems

Learn the different categories of our sensory systems, experience how these senses impact our understanding of the space around us and the effects sensory interventions have on the body so we can meet our sensory needs.  Develop an understanding of how the right tools can aid in one’s ability to regulate their sensory needs for more successful daily interactions.

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Available for Lunch n Learns or presentations

  • Understanding Impairment is Good (for) Business
  • ADA Accessibility, Lawsuits and Protecting your Business
  • Considering the Human Experience in Space Design

Trainings can be delivered in person or virtually.

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