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Building & Architecture Services

As your accessibility and Universal Design consultant, we emphasize the human experience to take your project beyond the ADA minimums for the most inclusive results.

Assistology is a City of Omaha, Tier II certified SEB

** If your team is interested in collaborating on a project by integrating the critical elements of accessibility and Universal Design please reach out to discuss the project details and ensure our availability.**

Programming & Design

We offer consultation in all project programming and design phases to ensure the most functionally accessible, equitably usable, inclusive and universally designed outcomes. We consult on indoor and outdoor environments helping create truly accessible and inclusive community experiences.

To date, we have collaborated in the design of an inclusive playground, sensory rooms, inclusive retreat/camps, State Recreational Areas, K-12 education, Higher education and universally designed residential plans. Our expertise also extends well to hospitality, community spaces, medical or rehab and senior living environments.

Throughout our collaboration we help your team to have the best understanding of impairment and how that applies to the design process in order to strengthen your message during project bid and interview processes.

Click here to see the Imagine Inclusion Inclusive Design playground.

038: UD and Me: Meaghan Walls

Podcast episode from the Universal Deign Project where Meaghan Walls shares her UD and Me story about what inspired her to pursue the design of inclusive communities and spaces.

In the article linked below, Meaghan and some other UD professionals reflect on how paint color impacts how your home works for you.

Here’s How a Can of Paint Can Help Make Your Home More Accessible to All

ADA+ Accessibility Audit

While the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) created mandated accessibility standards to which our built environments must comply, many spaces continue to contain barriers to free access to spaces and services. The combined cost of assessment, capital cost of improvements and avoidance of litigation is very cost effective contrasted with risk of injury, the unknown and the cost of litigation.

Assistology can provide a comprehensive interior &/or exterior Accessibility Audit in accordance with the 2010 ADA Standards. Deliverable to the client are a comprehensive ADA audit as outlined for Title III of the ADA Standards. Upon completion of the audit a detailed report will be provided that includes appropriate pictures and recommendations for any updates or improvement to be made to obtain full compliance with Title III ADA requirements. Additionally, we provide further recommendations to improve access to space, goods and services in accordance with the Principles of Universal Design.

Click here for more information on why you might want an ADA+ survey at your business.

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