DD Waiver Services

Medicaid Community and Home Based Services

Living an independent life is about more than having just those things considered medically necessary.  

Our services focus on outcomes in the areas of safety, independence, recreation, socialization and quality of life.

Assistology is an approved Medicaid provider under the Comprehensive DD (CDD) and DD Adult Day (DDAD) Waivers as part of the Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) for the following services to be provided in your individual residence or extended family home environment. 

  1. Environmental Modification Assessment
    Medicaid service code: 2633
    Click here for our Environmental Modification Assessment Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Wondering if an Environmental Modification Assessment is appropriate?

Click Here for a Agency Referral Screening Checklist

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Meaghan Walls from Assistology offers an introduction to our Environmental Modification Assessment service

2. Assistive Technology Assessment
Medicaid service code: 9418
Click here for our Assistive Technology Assessment Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Our services take a comprehensive look at a person’s life and life roles to evaluate needs, interests, goals and barriers in order recommend an individualized solutions to clients throughout their lifespan.

We offer an ability to provide a full scope of Assistive Technology related services and work with collaborating partners to meet the needs of children and adults, in all environments, across all components of service coordination. That ability sets us apart from other regional AT providers.

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Assistology is the proud host of a UCP of Nebraska supported Tech Tools Lending Library.  Click here to see our inventory and contact us to request an item.

Click here to learn about the UCP of Nebraska Client Assistance Grant which may fund up to $1,000 in Assistive Technology annually for eligible residents of Nebraska.

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Contact your DD Service Coordinator to inquire about eligibility and to request an Environmental Modification Assessment.