Increased Independence Through Home Grocery Delivery

With the frigid winter temperatures,  I find myself dreading the random grocery store run for our household essentials like applesauce pouches.  Have you ever had to tell a toddler you are out of her favorite snack?  It is not fun.

I am pretty particular when it comes to my grocery shopping list.  On the occasions that I send my husband,  the list has more details than a legal document.  So I started thinking –

What would I do if I was not able to go do my own grocery shopping?

In the past we have used online grocery ordering for curbside pick up.  I used this a lot when I was pregnant or had an infant.  I have often used it during basketball season when my husband’s coaching schedule keeps us all busy.  But, this was out of convenience not necessity.

My parents utilized grocery home delivery when my mom was going through chemotherapy because she was also very particular with her grocery list and did not have the interest in creating a legal document for Dad  That is probably where I got it.  Anyway, there was a stage when she could not go to the store for any number of medical reasons, but she really wanted some control over her daily life.  Discovering online grocery shopping and home delivery gave her just a little something to feel in control and maintain her independence .

Then it dawned on me.  

Home grocery delivery is assistive technology!

Hear me out. I define assistive technology as anything that helps you do anything easier. Additionally, it offers a means for increased independence.  Home grocery delivery meets both those standards.

This presented a great opportunity to offer information for individuals with impairments that make in store grocery shopping a challenging or impossible activity.  So, I did some research.

I knew there were options – but I had no idea HOW MANY options exist for the delivery of basic to gourmet groceries!

This trend is spreading like wildfire, so while some options are not yet available in all areas, chances are they will be soon. Many of these offer a discount on your first order or free delivery for orders over a minimum amount.

  1. Hyvee Aisles – This system has an easy to use online portal to shop all departments and specify everything from quality to level of ripeness of produce.  They provide options for curbside pick up or home delivery. The pick up or delivery fee is waived with purchase over a minimum amount.
  2. Bakers Click List – This system offers the same abilities as Hyvee Aisles with regard to access to all departments and specification, but currently only offer curbside pick up.  This is a relatively new initiative for Baker’s so I suspect they will expand to delivery in the future.
  3. Hello Fresh – This is a fresh food delivery service rather than groceries specifically.  This service offers opportunities for delivery of healthy, high quality meals.  Rather than choosing all specific ingredients, users choose meal options and Hello Fresh delivers all ingredients (premeasured) for the number of meals chosen.  Users can schedule delivery each week or just order when wanted.  Hello easy meal planning! This service offers good options for every day meals or all the fixings for a special occasion or dinner party.
  4. Peapod – This grocery delivery service is the first I ever learned of when I lived on the East Coast.  It functions like Hyvee Aisles, but is fulfilled through its own store network.
  5. Whole foods – Whole foods offers options for curbside pick up or home delivery.  With the acquisition by Amazon, delivery service areas and options are bound to keep expanding.  This service allows you to search all areas of the store and specify details for your order.
  6. Brandless – This was a new one to me!  This company offers natural and organic options for food and household goods.  All products are brandless, and get this –  EVERYTHING is $3 with a $1 delivery charge. Product offerings are limited to packaged goods, and do not include fresh groceries.
  7. Walmart – Didn’t know Walmart offers grocery service? Me either! You can shop all products in the grocery department, just like the other grocery store services. Currently, curbside pick up is the only option, but Walmart is constantly striving to maintain its status as a top retailer, so maybe home delivery is not far behind.
  8. Thrive Market – Organic grocery delivery service. They carry packaged and household items for order.  This service does not offer fresh grocery options.
  9. Amazon Fresh – For those areas served by Amazon Fresh you can order dairy, bakery, produce, perishables, pantry items and household goods.  Additionally, since they acquired Whole Foods you can also shop Whole Food offerings.

These 9 options offer access to a wide range of products and they can be ordered from the comfort of your own home.  

Their existence makes grocery shopping more accessible to more members in our community.  

These services help give individuals who have previously been fully dependent on others to stock their shelves gain increased control and independence over the what and when of their grocery shopping.

Happy shopping!

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