A Taste of Freedom!

We cannot thank Meaghan and Assistology enough for this wonderful Go Baby Go car for our son, Elliott. He can’t WAIT to get outside and use this again, it’s nothing but smiles for DAYS!!!! He asks about it non-stop!

Elliott has two little friends of the same age, and while they have so much fun together, Elliott has struggled to keep up with them due to his mobility issues. This Go Baby Go car is just the perfect solution for him, and Meaghan didn’t even know! Power Wheels are THE toy for these boys; Elliott has always had to ride shotgun but now HE gets to be the driver. The joy in his eyes when he gets behind the wheel can light up the whole world!

While this Car is the perfect tool for mobility at Elliott’s age, we want to make sure others are aware that Meaghan’s knowledge and expertise is not limited to kids toys; it truly extends to all ages and types of modifications. Her eye is not on how disabilities restrict people, but rather how we can adapt the world around us to make it fit all shapes, sizes and abilities. She is kind, intuitive, and dedicated to the population she serves! Thank you SO much for this amazing gift!!!

– Andy and Corie Sass, parents of Elliott Sass Age 2.5